Wednesday, 25 April 2012

New Project 3D Perspective | Interior Design (Tel: 63239213)

Just to share with our clients and associates some of the 3D visuals on office interior design and renovation which was done by our designers!

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Above pictures - Conference Rooms with video conferencing facility and concealed cable management.
Glass white board concealing the LCD TV.

Above picture - Reception with waiting area and showcase / display

Above picture - Open concept pantry with bar table. Also served as discussion / breakout corner.

Above picture - Reception counter and feture wall / company signage

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dana said...

Your design team has done quite impressive jobs for these huge companies. like all the interiors designed.

AndrewLee said...

Very impressive.

Any chance for us to work together on wallcoverings as we are one of the distributor of wallcoverings in Malaysia.

Please feel free to visit and contact us at our site at


Unknown said...

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Total Office Interiors said...

The office furniture look so chic! The look of the conference room and the reception area will really give a good first impression to all visitors.
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Modern office desk said...

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Unknown said...

I would like to design my own office furniture and layout, but when I Google “office design furniture” all I get is designer furniture. Does anyone have any resources?

gfive said...

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Unknown said...

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