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Office Design Ideas

When your team is working on office interior renovation, here are some office design ideas to consider:

Open Plan Workspace: Encourage collaboration and communication among team members by creating an open-plan office space. This design can be beneficial for creative teams that work on group projects.

Private Workstations: Some employees require privacy and focus to complete their work. Consider providing private workstations with soundproof walls, partitions or cubicles, to accommodate such employees.

Flexible Spaces: Design the office space with flexibility in mind. Allow for a mix of collaborative spaces, private work areas, and relaxation areas.

Natural Light: Natural light is essential to promoting a healthy workspace. Consider having large windows or skylights to allow ample light into the workspace.

Comfortable Seating: Invest in comfortable seating to ensure employees are relaxed and focused. Consider ergonomic chairs, sofas, and bean bags for relaxation spaces.

Colorful Accents: Bright and bold accents can help energize and inspire employees. Consider painting accent walls, adding colorful furniture or artwork, or using bright and bold accessories.

Greenery: Indoor plants can help purify the air and reduce stress levels. Consider adding plants and flowers around the workspace to create a healthy and relaxing atmosphere.

Personalization: Allow employees to personalize their workspaces with photos, decorations, and other personal touches to make them feel more comfortable and motivated.

Technology Integration: Incorporate modern technology into the office design. Consider providing multiple charging stations, high-speed internet, and smart devices for increased efficiency.

Breakout Spaces: Employees need breaks to rest and recharge. Consider providing breakout spaces, such as a game room, relaxation room, or coffee bar, where employees can take a break from work and socialize.

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Office renovation can be a significant undertaking that requires careful planning, budgeting, and execution. Here are some steps you can take to ensure a successful office renovation:

Define Your Goals: Define your goals for the renovation project, such as improving productivity, modernizing the workspace, or increasing employee satisfaction.

Assess Your Current Space: Take a careful look at your current office space and identify areas that need improvement. Consider the functionality of the space, employee needs, and design aesthetics.

Set a Budget: Determine how much you are willing to spend on the renovation project, and allocate funds for each aspect of the project, including materials, labor, and any necessary permits.

Hire a Professional: Consider hiring a professional office renovation contractor or designer to help you plan and execute the project. They can help you with the design, budgeting, and coordination of the renovation.

Choose a Design: Choose a design that aligns with your goals and budget. Consider factors such as lighting, color schemes, flooring, furniture, and overall layout.

Communicate with Employees: Keep employees informed about the renovation project, including timelines and any disruptions that may occur. Seek their input on the design and functionality of the new space.

Prepare for the Renovation: Set up a temporary workspace if necessary, and ensure that employees have everything they need during the renovation. Establish safety protocols to ensure the safety of everyone involved in the renovation.

Execute the Renovation: Coordinate with your contractor or designer to ensure that the renovation is executed according to the plan and on schedule.

Test and Evaluate: Test all equipment and systems after the renovation is complete to ensure that they are working correctly. Evaluate the success of the renovation project by gathering feedback from employees and monitoring performance metrics.

By following these steps, you can successfully renovate your office space to create a more functional, efficient, and appealing workspace for your employees.

Friday, 2 July 2021

Letter Of Commendation / Testimonial / Review (from Customers)


"We have engaged the services of Singapore Interior previously and have always been very pleased with their service, professionalism and attention in detail. When we rented a new office that needed a full spectrum of renovation work, we contacted Singapore Interior for a quote and ID suggestions.
The staff of Singapore Interior were very responsive, gave good design and suggestions. The pricing was also very competitive and the quality of work was very good. Our renovations were completed before the expected handover date and only minor touch-ups were required. Everything was smooth with good follow through under the control of one project manager. We will like to express our thanks to Susiani and her team for a job well done. "
- Aloysius Heng
ACES Crowdfund (SG) Pte Ltd

"This is the second time I have engaged Singapore Interior for my office renovation needs. I would recommend Singapore Interior to anyone who wants to renovate their office space. The staff in this organisation are all very courteous and respectful. Renovation works were done promptly with excellent project management. The project was completed on time and within budget as they demonstrated their intricate knowledge of efficient office design and renovation. All communications were prompt with regular updates on the renovation progress. I was very satisfied with our completed renovation and the subsequent followup service to ensure that the little touch up needed were quickly done without delays. 

I would like to express my thanks to Susiani, Daniel, Jeffrey and her team for a job well done." 
- Koh C-u Pinn
Arielle Law Corporation

Dear Mark and Aldrin,

We have just entered the 2nd half of the project and I would like to comment that you both have shown absolute professional excellence in managing the project.  Hiccups are often expected in such project, however, your commitment to addressing the problems has been impressive.  We are also very appreciative of your willingness to look into our needs and concerns.   

Care Corner has had many past experiences of working with contractors who were irresponsible and failed to demonstrate professionalism.  We are very thankful and absolutely glad that we made the right decision to engage Singapore Interior for the project.  

Many thanks again.  

Warmest Regards,
Jonathan Siew
Care Corner Counselling Centre
Focused Intervention Services | Care Corner Singapore Ltd

"Very pleased with the renovation and especially appreciate the personal effort of Susiani." - Feedback obtained during Customer Survey (22 July 2016) from our client: Sealand Birk Asia Pte Ltd.

"Thanks again for the excellent work that your company had provided for the relocation and renovation work for our new office.
We are all very happy to work here because of your good works provided.." 

- We appreciate the positive feedback from our client Kibing Group (Singapore) Pte Ltd and the credit goes to our QS, Site Managers, Designers and Skilled Craftsmen  for their dedicated attitude towards excellence. 

4 August 2017, Received above endorsement from client Arielle Law Corporation, Ms Koh on our Quality Work and Service

Testimonial from MINMED CLINIC
Testimonial from MINMED Clinic
The above testimonial received  from MINMED Clinic makes our day at Singapore Interior. This boost our believe in putting our best effort forward to our clients from the 1st time we meet our clients till our handover and post-sales service.
Our teams will continue to do our best to serve our clients to the best of our skill and resources. Congratulation to MINMED for their expansion. 

Testimonial from Gibeon Enterprise
Testimonial from GIBEON ENTERPRISE

On 23rd May 2013, our teams at Singapore Interior Pte Ltd were delighted to receive the Letter of Appreciation from our client - Gibeon Enterprise Pte Ltd. This Interior Design & Fitting-Out project covers approx. 8,000 sq ft of floor plate at Woodlands 11 site.

Once again, thank you Mr Chin for your commendation, which helps to foster our strong belief in delivering our best to all our clients.
We hereby dedicate this commendation to our client, all our staff, consultants and suppliers that have contributed to the successful delivery of the fitting out project.

Tel: 63239213

Singapore Interior Pte Ltd is BCA Registered Contractor

Class CR06 - Interior Decoration & Finishing Works

Quality + Creativity

Wednesday, 30 June 2021

Conference Tables . Meeting Tables

 Every day we design and built client's offices complete with office furniture such as the meeting tables, conference room / boardroom tables, office workstations.

Our craftsmen equipped with decades of experience in what we do best. 

Where quality meets creativity, Singapore Interior Pte Ltd offers space planning, 3D visuals, design & build projects. 

With our experienced crew & craftsmen, you will be in good hands. 

Visit or call 6323 9213 for a free consultation.

At Singapore Interior, We Build Better Offices. 

* Furniture are available in difference dimensions to suit your seating capacity and room dimensions. 
* Color selection available. 
* All our products come with one year warranty against manufacturing defects. 

You may email us your enquiry with your room's dimension, attach a photo of the room to show existing room condition. Our sales team will get in touch with you shortly. 

Tuesday, 22 June 2021

Acoustic Insulation and Sound Absorption

Office acoustic sound insulation refers to the measures taken to reduce the transmission of sound between different areas or rooms within an office space. Sound insulation is important in offices because it can help to reduce noise distractions, increase speech privacy, and create a more comfortable working environment.

There are several ways to achieve sound insulation in an office space:

Acoustic wall panels: These panels are designed to absorb sound waves and reduce echo in a room. They can be installed on walls to improve sound insulation.

Soundproof doors and windows: These are specially designed doors and windows that are designed to reduce the transmission of sound between rooms. They are often used in meeting rooms and private offices.

Acoustic ceiling tiles: These tiles are similar to wall panels and are designed to absorb sound waves and reduce echo in a room. They can be installed in drop ceilings.

Carpet and rugs: Soft flooring materials such as carpet and rugs can help to absorb sound and reduce echo in a room.

Furniture placement: Proper placement of furniture can also help to reduce sound transmission in an office space. For example, placing a bookshelf or cabinet against a shared wall can help to absorb sound.

By using these techniques, it is possible to achieve effective sound insulation in an office space, creating a more comfortable and productive work environment.

Our designers at Singapore Interior will propose suitable solution to improve your Acoustic sound absorption for offices, conference room and training rooms. Available in wide selection of design and colours.

The above pictures incorporate the acoustic panel. It is a sound-absorbing panel used to mitigate background noise and reduce the reverberation and echo in a space. 

Next to aesthetics comes comfort. Ceilings and walls play a dominant role in getting acoustic comfort to the desired level. Wall paneling will help you with this and give a boost to your acoustic performance.

Here, we will primarily share general advice on where to apply acoustic panels. For specific recommendations and simulations, we suggest you get in touch with us for in depth discussion and proposals.

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Monday, 21 June 2021

Modern Office Design

Involving multiple stakeholders, we conducted meetings with the client to discuss company’s culture, branding, work pattern, and work style, so we can plan out and incorporate into office design on how to improve productivity and build culture for customers existing or new offices. 

Discussion with various department head, to fulfill the wish list of everyone in the company while providing a sense of ownership. 

Pop-up privacy booths solve the problem of providing workers a small, private space 
to take a phone call or complete focus work in the increasingly-common open office.

At Singapore Interior, We Build Better Offices

In this particular Interior Fitting-Out project, we build office rooms with double glazed partitions, walls in-filled with rockwool insulation. Glass doors with door seal, drop seal. Perforated ceiling and acoustic wall panels for Board Room for better acoustic / sound absorption. 

Premises decked with raised flooring allowing for cabling beneath the floor. Covered with carpet tiles and vinyl strips floor finishes.

Facilities provided are phone booths (free-standing privacy booths that offer the comforts of a singular, private work station including a desk, soundproof walls, power outlets and ventilation). that gives adequate privacy for telephone calls, hotdesking to suit flexible work arrangement, collaboration area for team bonding, staff lockers with number locks, green landscape for better work ambient, booth seating at break out areas for dining, discussion. Board room, meeting rooms fitted with video conferencing and writable screen. Studio for client's online communications with counter parts.

After office hours auxiliary aircons (chilled water systems) installed for teams that need to work and communicate with associates in different time zone. 

 Height adjustable tables provided to suit stake holders work comfort. 

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Frosted Glass Design / Glass Partition Rooms (Tel: 63239213)

Featuring the various possible partition / cabins designs we have constructed for our clients:-

Our Company (Singapore Interior Pte Ltd, are specialist in the fitting out of commercial projects, offices, factories, clinics. We design and construct all types of partition, ranging from gypsum board drywall partition, fire rated partition, single / double glazed glass panels, light weight celcon block wall, brickwall to full height tempered glass panels.

Suitable for Offices, Showrooms, Factories, Clinics and Retail Outlets use.

We have more than 27 years of experience in the renovation industry catering to SME and MNCs.

Speak to our Sales Consultant for any of your enquiry. Our Contact: 63239213. Email:

In your planning for construction of partition rooms, do take into consideration the existing M&E services such as air-conditioning and fire protection systems that may be affected;
such as to add / relocate them. Our experienced Sales Consultants / Designers will be able to advise clients on such concern and submit detail proposal and design for clients' approval.
Our QP (Qualified Persons / PE) will prepare for the drawings and submission / lodgement to the Fire Safety & Shelter Department (FSSD) for the interior A&A work.

We trust that our excellent track records will be in good position to serve you well.

Be Impressed!

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Singapore Interior Pte Ltd are HDB Registered Contractor

* Please continue to read through the rest of our blog for information on our clientele / portfolio, our range of products and services that is catered for Office / Factory design, Clinic renovation.

Pictures below showing Glass panels and glass doors using 12mm thick tempered glass with frosted film stickers.
Pictures are copyright. Do not download without our written permission. All rights reserved.

** Double Glazed Glass Cabins / Partition Fitted With Glass Doors With Drop Seals For Better Acoustic

** Hybrid Of Single And Double Glazed Glass Panels For Cabins Fitted With Glass Doors With Drop Seals For Better Acoustic

** Glass partition with black color aluminium frames

** Glass partition room with black color aluminium frames. Tempered glass with printed graphic.

** 12mm thick tempered glass with frosted film.

Our design and built package includes installation of the electrical, IT cabling, air-conditioning systems, fire protection systems, wall & floor finishes, office furniture production. Complete with drawings and submission to relevant authorities and the building management for the Permit-to-Work. 

** Other services include: Replacement of glass doors, floor spring mechanism, decals on glass panels, etc.
Pls contact us for more information at Tel: 63239213

Use of Glass at Critical Areas in Buildings
Tempered glass, because of its higher strength and ability to meet load design requirements, is frequently used in both the interior (e.g. parapets) and exterior (e.g. curtain walls, full-height windows and skylight) of buildings. It is often selected as the material for facade of buildings. It is also increasingly being used in other critical areas such as roofs, canopies (including sunshades) and safety barriers in buildings.

Glass used as a Part or Whole of Safety Barrier 
Where glass is used as a part or whole of a safety barrier, which is required to comply with Clause H on Safety from Falling in the Fifth Schedule of the Building Control Regulations (on Objectives and Performance Requirements for the Design and Construction of Buildings), it should be laminated glass. The laminated glass must comply with Singapore Standard SS341:2001 – Specification for Safety Glazing Materials for Use in Buildings.

Glass used as a Part or Whole of Building Facade, Roof, Canopy or Other Overhead Glazing 
Where glass is used as a part or whole of a building facade, roof, canopy or other overhead glazing (such as sunshade, fins or rain shield) locating at a height of 2.4m or above, it may be float glass, heat strengthened glass, tempered glass, laminated glass or any other types of glass. Regardless of the type used, the glass must comply with Singapore Standard SS341:2001 – Specification for Safety Glazing Materials for Use in Buildings. Specifically, if monolithic tempered glass, heat-soaked tempered glass or any other type of glass that is prone to spontaneous breakage is used here, the design of the building shall provide for suitable protection such as installation of screens or shields, or presence of canopies or ledges, to protect people from injuries in the event of breakage of such glass element.

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Pictures are copyright. Do not download without our written permission. All rights reserved.

Monday, 7 June 2021

Virtual Reality Room In An Office Environment

Our team busy building a Virtual Reality room for a client in Singapore.
Our client specialize in the construction sector and we  work closely with the specialists erecting and setting up the VR room.
Our work involve the full turnkey for design and build for their offices, conference rooms, VR room and staff work areas. 
This project site is in client's live office, whereby their daily work activities not to be disrupted. 
Project delivery in phases and we are into the last phase of the schedule. 

Glass panels and door will be using double glazed switchable glass that can turn on and off the sandblast effect for privacy during the events.

Walls and ceiling lined with acoustic materials.

Works currently in progress. We will share more once the room transformed.


Installing server room raised flooring panels (with HPL finished) and pedestals.

The raised floor at 150mm finished floor level (FFL).

Is it recommended to install raised flooring at 70mm (FFL)? Do consider the purpose of having raised flooring for your office and server room. If the FFL is 70mm, after deduct the panels thickness, you will only have about 35mm of void space for your services such as any electrical trunking, data cabling and perhaps any water piping. Will be tight space to squeeze in the services. 
Not forgetting the floor slab has uneven levelness and that give you even less space. 

How about putting raised flooring with FFL more than 150mm? Speak to your QP for compliance as you will spend more money to comply with the local fire code. Which will require you to install fire sprinkler points or smoke / heat detectors beneath the raised floor. 

Our teams have many years of designing and setting up server rooms in our office renovation projects. Our work scope include the following:
1) FM200 fire protection system with call point and fire alarm panel
2) Server rack and equipment
3) Structured cabling complete with Fluke testing report
4) Auxiliary aircon / chilled water aircon system to operate 24 x 7
5) Raised flooring
6) Fire rated partition walls with fire damper

Speak to us today to get our quotation for your renovation needs. 
Tel: 6323 9213