Sunday, 12 July 2020


Singapore Interior provides the reinstatement services for your premises and to return to landlords.

Work includes reinstatement, removal of:
1) Partition rooms
2) Fire protection system, fire sprinkler points, smoke / heay detectors
3) Electrical and network cabling
4) Plaster ceiling
5) Floor finishing such as carpet, vinyl tiles
6) Aircond ductwork, diffusers, indoor and outdoor aircon fancoils, condenser units.
7) Built-in cabinets, Office furniture.
8) Sink, water piping.
9) Replace affected / damaged ceiling boards
10) Moving services.
11) Lay floor and wall protection at common corridor
12) White wash, painting of walls 
13) Epoxy painting to raised flooring, replacement of damaged raised floor boards.
14) Insurance coverage for Public Liability, Contractor's All-Risk and Workmen Compensation during reinstatement period.

If you are reducing the current space and to return partial area to landlord, we can erect the partition walls, relocate existing furniture, electrical and aircon services to suit your new plan. We will provide the required space planning and submission services.

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If you move your business into a new premise in Singapore, you need to seek the services of a reinstatement contractor Singapore. The contractor will help ensure that you get settled fast. They have the necessary skills to ensure that the facility you had leased gets back to its original form and look.

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