Monday, 22 January 2018

Carpet Tiles Selection

Modular carpet tiles are increasingly popular flooring choice for offices, thanks to their ease of installation, wide variety of design, available in different carpet tiles shapes, ease of removal upon expiring of office tenancy.
They are available in loop pile and cut pile. In the loop-style pile each of the ends is connected into the backing so there's a continuous loop. In the cut-style pile, the loops are actually cut so that there are individual ends sticking up through the backing.

Fiber is a critical area when it comes to carpet. There are three basic fibers used today in the carpet industry:

1) Polypropylene, such as the loop-style pile.
2) Polyester, 
3) Nylon, the most popular and durable fiber by far.
4) Wool, it is a traditional carpet fiber, but its high price makes it less common. 

With square carpet, you can rotate tiles to mix-up the look or offset tiles and install them in a 'brick' pattern. 
With planks you have more options: in addition to the 'brick' layout, herringbone patterns are a popular choice, as are basket weave. 

Installation patterns add design flair to flooring, especially if you're using a solid color carpet tiles.

One of the great advantages of carpet tiles is the design flexibility they provide. Tiles can be laid in different arrangements to create layout patterns or you can introduce accent tiles to create layouts that can't be replicated with other flooring types.

Most of the time, carpet tiles are glued-down. Some flooring adhesives release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which pose health risks and are detrimental to indoor air quality, so you should try to use certified VOC-free products wherever possible.

About carpet tiles backing:

  • Hardback type - carpet fibers are tufted into a thin layer of PVC. This provides good dimensional stability (meaning your carpet tiles remain flat and square), but offers poor moisture management. Additionally, as the backing is thin, it offers no protection to the carpet fibers, which bear all the weight of foot traffic and associated wear and tear.
  • Closed cell cushion backing type - carpet fibers are tufted into a layer of padding that sits on top of a plastic backing. Closed cell cushioning helps to extend the life of carpet tiles, as the cushion absorbs some of the impact of foot traffic, instead of the carpet fibers. However, over time the efficacy of the closed cell cushioning deteriorates, as it compresses under foot.
  • Open cell cushion backing type - unlike closed cell cushioning, this type of carpet tile backing 'reinflates' after compression, meaning it offers unparalleled protection against wear and tear. Open cell cushion backing can prolong the life expectancy of carpet tiles by 40-50% compared with hardback products. It also offers improved acoustics and moisture management.

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