Saturday, 13 January 2018

Branding Through Interior Design

Most people define branding as the totality of the perceptions and experiences people have of your company. We at Singapore Interior always want to define and strengthen our clients’ brands. 
Our design consultants at Singapore Interior expanded our design offerings and mindfully developed and incorporate branding into our proposals. A critical key to building a strong brand is to bring all perceptions of your company into alignment. What could be a more powerful experience of your brand than when someone walks through your door? At this point, they are literally immersed in your brand 
Why not use your physical space as a palette, a message board, to tell the world what your organization is all about? The opportunities to maximize your space through these factors: 
Color: Does it feature and/or coordinate with your corporate identity colors? Or could your space be anyone’s office? Does it say something unique about your company? Does it exude a unique, welcoming vibe? Is it a place you feel good about coming in to?
Signage & Mural Walls: This is an obvious opportunity to reinforce your brand. Showcase your logo as a gorgeous, 3D lobby sign in a prominent location. Mural walls with vision, mission or history of the company is a great way to portray your identity.
Overall design quality and ambiance: Is your space purposeful planned and well thought-out? Or did it fall together over time with no real plan? Again, you can show visitors that you care about the details and you value quality.
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