Thursday, 24 December 2009

Erecting Mezzanine Floor (Tel: 63239213)

We would like to share with clients on potential pit falls when they scout for industrial premises with high ceiling and having the intention to erect mezzanine flooring.

With many launches of high ceiling industrial premises such as those in Wcega, Enterprise One, North Star, etc in recent years; we received numerous enquiries for erection of mezzanine flooring to house a 2 tier office + storage facilities. Many a time, many clients are in for a rude shock when they realise their planning have gone wrong with this initial plan (to have the mezzanine). Here, we shed some lights on what should be look for when planning for such fitting out.

1) Discuss with the developer and building management office on their guideline for the erection of the mezzanine flooring. As the process involve hiring of Qualifies Persons (QP) to prepare the drawings and submission to URA, BCA, FSSD; and this involve payment of professional fees to professional engineers and to realise it may not be approved by authority.

The erection of mezzanine flooring increases the GFA (Gross Floor Area), which the relevant authority must be consulted and seek for approval. This may translate into higher taxes, development charges payable.

2) The mezzanine floor structure will require proper design and calculation by the Professional Engineer (PE) for the loading and safety of such system.

3) Submission to FSSD (Fire Safety & Shelter Department) is required. Preparation & submission of drawings by QP are necessary. The compliance to fire code are to be met, which implies the mezzanine flooring will require proper fire proofing to the underside of the platform and the protection of steel structure against fire and implementation of fire protection system (such as sprinkler points).

Please do not be drawn into the process of follow the herd instinct, whereby, you see your neighbours have built such a mezzanine flooring and you follow suit. You must ask yourselve, if you are prepared for the repercussion if found by the authority for building the structure without proper submission: Tear down the costly mezzanine flooring, facing a penalty imposed by authority and the inconvenience of reinstatement of the premises and hence affecting your business operations.


Office furniture said...

That's an interesting article. I liked that you have shared things with your client and make them aware of this facts. Good on you.

mezzanines said...

Mezzanine floors are serious budget savers. For those in real estate, they are a brilliant option. Extending or moving location is very expensive. Relatively speaking, to create the same amount of space, mezzanine floors are cut price!

Armie said...

Very informative post!!! thanks for sharing your ideas.

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Anonymous said...

What about mezzanines erected in old JTC or HDB terrace factories, especially in the 80s or 90s? I understand they are "exempted" from such approval unless of course one gives way and triggers an island-wide check. Otherwise, it's more like "ask not, tell not". No?

Vinay roy said...

Mezzanine Floors are fast and cost effective and normally used in business industries. They provide good solution to enhance organisation production that requires less man power. It provides a spacious look to warehouses and in distribution centers. Mezzanine Floor.

used mezzanine said...

I agree with this article. It requires careful planning when deciding to setup a mezzanine because it is not just a spur of the moment thing.

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