Monday, 17 December 2018

Frosted Glass Design / Glass Partition Rooms (Tel: 63239213)

Featuring the various possible partition / cabins designs we have constructed for our clients:-

Our Company (Singapore Interior Pte Ltd, are specialist in the fitting out of commercial projects, offices, factories, clinics. We design and construct all types of partition, ranging from gypsum board drywall partition, fire rated partition, single / double glazed glass panels, light weight celcon block wall, brickwall to full height tempered glass panels.

Suitable for Offices, Showrooms, Factories, Clinics and Retail Outlets use.

We have more than 25 years of experience in the renovation industry catering to SME and MNCs.

Speak to our Sales Consultant for any of your enquiry. Our Contact: 63239213. Email:

In your planning for construction of partition rooms, do take into consideration the existing M&E services such as air-conditioning and fire protection systems that may be affected;
such as to add / relocate them. Our experienced Sales Consultants / Designers will be able to advise clients on such concern and submit detail proposal and design for clients' approval.
Our QP (Qualified Persons / PE) will prepare for the drawings and submission / lodgement to the Fire Safety & Shelter Department (FSSD) for the interior A&A work.

We trust that our excellent track records will be in good position to serve you well.

Be Impressed!

Call us today for a non-obligatory consultation.
Tel: 63239213

Singapore Interior Pte Ltd are HDB Registered Contractor

* Please continue to read through the rest of our blog for information on our clientele / portfolio, our range of products and services that is catered for Office / Factory design, Clinic renovation.

Pictures below showing Glass panels and glass doors using 12mm thick tempered glass with frosted film stickers.
Pictures are copyright. Do not download without our written permission. All rights reserved.

** Double Glazed Glass Cabins / Partition Fitted With Glass Doors With Drop Seals For Better Acoustic

** Hybrid Of Single And Double Glazed Glass Panels For Cabins Fitted With Glass Doors With Drop Seals For Better Acoustic

** Glass partition with black color aluminium frames

** Glass partition room with black color aluminium frames. Tempered glass with printed graphic.

** 12mm thick tempered glass with frosted film.

Our design and built package includes installation of the electrical, IT cabling, air-conditioning systems, fire protection systems, wall & floor finishes, office furniture production. Complete with drawings and submission to relevant authorities and the building management for the Permit-to-Work. 

** Other services include: Replacement of glass doors, floor spring mechanism, decals on glass panels, etc.
Pls contact us for more information at Tel: 63239213

Use of Glass at Critical Areas in Buildings
Tempered glass, because of its higher strength and ability to meet load design requirements, is frequently used in both the interior (e.g. parapets) and exterior (e.g. curtain walls, full-height windows and skylight) of buildings. It is often selected as the material for facade of buildings. It is also increasingly being used in other critical areas such as roofs, canopies (including sunshades) and safety barriers in buildings.

Glass used as a Part or Whole of Safety Barrier 
Where glass is used as a part or whole of a safety barrier, which is required to comply with Clause H on Safety from Falling in the Fifth Schedule of the Building Control Regulations (on Objectives and Performance Requirements for the Design and Construction of Buildings), it should be laminated glass. The laminated glass must comply with Singapore Standard SS341:2001 – Specification for Safety Glazing Materials for Use in Buildings.

Glass used as a Part or Whole of Building Facade, Roof, Canopy or Other Overhead Glazing 
Where glass is used as a part or whole of a building facade, roof, canopy or other overhead glazing (such as sunshade, fins or rain shield) locating at a height of 2.4m or above, it may be float glass, heat strengthened glass, tempered glass, laminated glass or any other types of glass. Regardless of the type used, the glass must comply with Singapore Standard SS341:2001 – Specification for Safety Glazing Materials for Use in Buildings. Specifically, if monolithic tempered glass, heat-soaked tempered glass or any other type of glass that is prone to spontaneous breakage is used here, the design of the building shall provide for suitable protection such as installation of screens or shields, or presence of canopies or ledges, to protect people from injuries in the event of breakage of such glass element.

Call Us Today For A Non-Obligation Quotation.
Tel: 63239213 Email:

Pictures are copyright. Do not download without our written permission. All rights reserved.


Nadine Cruce said...

You had a nice post.. I have a friend and she is from one of the interior design companies here in los angeles. I was asking here to make some designs in my office. But i guess i got the best overview in making the design of my office. O hope to see your further posts. thank you.

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One thing i admire is the organized parts of the area.

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Singapore Interior Pte Ltd said...

Appreciate all the support and comments to
We will post more developments for your reading interest.

home office desk said...

I had seen your all featured various possible designs that you had constructed for your clients..And I must appreciate it..

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reginag said...

Life is more colorful!

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Milliscent Morgan said...

One thing I like in the area is having a glass doors also in office, so if you are planning to have renovation try to use glass doors instead of door made by wood. That's it thank you!

Frosted Glass said...

Utilizing this kind of workstation arrangement will encourage greater social interaction rather than working alone and unseen from each other. said...

The glass partition have nice design. It is nice in the office.

reginag said...

Professionally done!


Unknown said...

You showed us a lot and it is really great to see this different kinds of interior designs. I always wanted to design my own and hopefully this pretty ideas can help me.

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Unknown said...

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Actually offices partitioned by glass look better and brighter because the light comes through the glass. The other offices partitioned with other materials make the space looks dull.

Unknown said...

Perfect ..I like your Designing style
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the amore ec said...
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Singapore Interior Pte Ltd said...

Recently we have installed and commissioned the operable wall that slides and park which has STC 50 rating for acoustics. We made them with laminate finishes. Client is very pleased with them as it works for their training and meditation rooms. Thanks for entrusting Singapore Interior Pte Ltd with the project.

Singapore Interior Pte Ltd said...

For another office project at Martin Road, we will be installing a semi-auto slide and park operable wall with tempered glass panels. Cool as it allows light to pass to other rooms. The double glazed glass are factory sealed air tight to keep out dust and insects. Keep a look out at our Facebook as we hope to share some pictures there. At Singapore Interior Pte Ltd, We Built Better Offices!

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Singapore Interior Pte Ltd said...

Thanks for customers strong support and business. Currently in one site, we are installing double glazed partition and operable wall for a project at Little Road.

The operable wall divides 2 meeting rooms. When the panels are slide and parked, it converts into training room usage.

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Unknown said...

Completed office refurbishment project at Jurong Island. Embarking on couple of projects before our 10 days long holiday closure for Chinese New Year celebration.

Among them are Schulke & Mayr at Sime Darby Enterprise Centre and SG Holdings at Gateway.

Thankful to all our Teams at Singapore Interior for their excellent performance.

May all our clients and readers have Blessed 2019. May all be well and happy.

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Singapore Interior Pte Ltd said...

Hi Renopedia,

Glad that you love our contents on renovation. We have established more than 25 years of solid track records in renovation industry.
This month we are commencing residential interior renovation at Parc Vera condo.
Separately, towards the end of this month, we will complete a commercial interior renovation for Kampung Senang Charity & Education Foundation located at Jurong East.

Tel: 63239213

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