Saturday, 1 August 2020

Post Circuit Breaker renovation

As you prepare for a safe return to the office / factories, you may be looking at ways to rationalise your workspace, keep safe distancing or use its existing potential after Covid-19.

Our experienced design and fit-out teams can help you achieve a safe, functional and sustainable office environment, with the flexibility it needs to maintain competitive strength for the future.

We do fitting out to new or existing premises and also reinstate premises to return to landlord.

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Sunday, 12 July 2020


Singapore Interior provides the reinstatement services for your premises and to return to landlords.

Work includes reinstatement, removal of:
1) Partition rooms
2) Fire protection system, fire sprinkler points, smoke / heay detectors
3) Electrical and network cabling
4) Plaster ceiling
5) Floor finishing such as carpet, vinyl tiles
6) Aircond ductwork, diffusers, indoor and outdoor aircon fancoils, condenser units.
7) Built-in cabinets, Office furniture.
8) Sink, water piping.
9) Replace affected / damaged ceiling boards
10) Moving services.
11) Lay floor and wall protection at common corridor
12) White wash, painting of walls 
13) Epoxy painting to raised flooring, replacement of damaged raised floor boards.
14) Insurance coverage for Public Liability, Contractor's All-Risk and Workmen Compensation during reinstatement period.

If you are reducing the current space and to return partial area to landlord, we can erect the partition walls, relocate existing furniture, electrical and aircon services to suit your new plan. We will provide the required space planning and submission services.

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Wednesday, 10 June 2020

Door Access System (Facial Recogition) with Temperature Screening

S70MT - face recognition terminal is a kind of access control device integrated 
with temperature screening function. It can fast taking skin-surface temperature 
and upload abnormal temperature event to the center, which can be widely applied 
in multiple scenarios, such as enterprises, stations, dwellings, factories, schools, 
campus and so on.

Features for S70MT Face Recognition Temperature Detection System
  • . Access control device with temperature screening function
  • . Can be used to screen for elevated body temperature
  • . Alerts employees while high temperature is detected
  • . Temperature measuring range: 30 °C to 45 °C (86 °F to 113 °F), accuracy: ± 0.5 °C.
  • . Temperature accuracy: ±0.9°F (±0.5°C)
  • . Suggested height for face recognition: between 1.4 m and 1.9 m.
  • . Configurable trigger doors to open/close based on temperature results or not wearing a mask
  • . Facial recognition with 6,000 face capacity
  • . Supports 6 attendance status: check in, check out, break in, break out, overtime in, overtime out
  • * This is not medical equipment and cannot detect or diagnose COVID-19/Coronavirus

Tuesday, 9 June 2020

Acrylic / Plastic Shield, Divider

We supply acrylic dividers for your implementation of safe / social distancing that could help prevent spread of virus and protect lives.

The dividers are portable / mobile and do not require to mount them to tables or floor with screws. Therefore, you can easily relocate them to required locations at ease.

There are other designs available. 

Pls send your enquiry to us
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Effective, Safe & Affordable Whole-Office Air Purification System

Are you trying to explore what to implement in your work space / offices / buildings that will improve indoor air quality solution for office, factories buildings where employees are exposed to dangerous and irritating pollutants such as bacteria, viruses, volatile organic compounds, odors, dust, pollen, and mold spores?

Maintaining optimal indoor air quality in workplaces can reduce absenteeism, improve work performance and enhance productivity.

Our engineers will propose a suitable system that can:
1) Cut outdoor air intake by up to 75%
2) Neutralizes allergens to reduce asthma, headaches, eye irritation and sinus issues
3) Removes airborne bacteria and viruses to help prevent illness
4) Decrease ongoing energy usage by up to 30%

We implement technology that produces a natural bio-climate rich in positive and negative oxygen ions. The negative ions contain an extra electron while the positive ions are missing an electron resulting in an unstable condition. In an effort to restabilize, these bipolar ions seek out atoms and molecules in the air to trade electrons with, effectively neutralizing particulate matter, bacteria and virus cells, odorous gases and aerosols, and VOCs.

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Monday, 17 December 2018

Frosted Glass Design / Glass Partition Rooms (Tel: 63239213)

Featuring the various possible partition / cabins designs we have constructed for our clients:-

Our Company (Singapore Interior Pte Ltd, are specialist in the fitting out of commercial projects, offices, factories, clinics. We design and construct all types of partition, ranging from gypsum board drywall partition, fire rated partition, single / double glazed glass panels, light weight celcon block wall, brickwall to full height tempered glass panels.

Suitable for Offices, Showrooms, Factories, Clinics and Retail Outlets use.

We have more than 25 years of experience in the renovation industry catering to SME and MNCs.

Speak to our Sales Consultant for any of your enquiry. Our Contact: 63239213. Email:

In your planning for construction of partition rooms, do take into consideration the existing M&E services such as air-conditioning and fire protection systems that may be affected;
such as to add / relocate them. Our experienced Sales Consultants / Designers will be able to advise clients on such concern and submit detail proposal and design for clients' approval.
Our QP (Qualified Persons / PE) will prepare for the drawings and submission / lodgement to the Fire Safety & Shelter Department (FSSD) for the interior A&A work.

We trust that our excellent track records will be in good position to serve you well.

Be Impressed!

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Singapore Interior Pte Ltd are HDB Registered Contractor

* Please continue to read through the rest of our blog for information on our clientele / portfolio, our range of products and services that is catered for Office / Factory design, Clinic renovation.

Pictures below showing Glass panels and glass doors using 12mm thick tempered glass with frosted film stickers.
Pictures are copyright. Do not download without our written permission. All rights reserved.

** Double Glazed Glass Cabins / Partition Fitted With Glass Doors With Drop Seals For Better Acoustic

** Hybrid Of Single And Double Glazed Glass Panels For Cabins Fitted With Glass Doors With Drop Seals For Better Acoustic

** Glass partition with black color aluminium frames

** Glass partition room with black color aluminium frames. Tempered glass with printed graphic.

** 12mm thick tempered glass with frosted film.

Our design and built package includes installation of the electrical, IT cabling, air-conditioning systems, fire protection systems, wall & floor finishes, office furniture production. Complete with drawings and submission to relevant authorities and the building management for the Permit-to-Work. 

** Other services include: Replacement of glass doors, floor spring mechanism, decals on glass panels, etc.
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Use of Glass at Critical Areas in Buildings
Tempered glass, because of its higher strength and ability to meet load design requirements, is frequently used in both the interior (e.g. parapets) and exterior (e.g. curtain walls, full-height windows and skylight) of buildings. It is often selected as the material for facade of buildings. It is also increasingly being used in other critical areas such as roofs, canopies (including sunshades) and safety barriers in buildings.

Glass used as a Part or Whole of Safety Barrier 
Where glass is used as a part or whole of a safety barrier, which is required to comply with Clause H on Safety from Falling in the Fifth Schedule of the Building Control Regulations (on Objectives and Performance Requirements for the Design and Construction of Buildings), it should be laminated glass. The laminated glass must comply with Singapore Standard SS341:2001 – Specification for Safety Glazing Materials for Use in Buildings.

Glass used as a Part or Whole of Building Facade, Roof, Canopy or Other Overhead Glazing 
Where glass is used as a part or whole of a building facade, roof, canopy or other overhead glazing (such as sunshade, fins or rain shield) locating at a height of 2.4m or above, it may be float glass, heat strengthened glass, tempered glass, laminated glass or any other types of glass. Regardless of the type used, the glass must comply with Singapore Standard SS341:2001 – Specification for Safety Glazing Materials for Use in Buildings. Specifically, if monolithic tempered glass, heat-soaked tempered glass or any other type of glass that is prone to spontaneous breakage is used here, the design of the building shall provide for suitable protection such as installation of screens or shields, or presence of canopies or ledges, to protect people from injuries in the event of breakage of such glass element.

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Pictures are copyright. Do not download without our written permission. All rights reserved.

Our Portfolio / Experience in Commercial Interior Design & Renovation (Call us at Tel: 63239213)


With our past 25 years of solid track record, our teams at Singapore Interior Pte Ltd have accumulated wealth of experience in the interior design and renovation of Offices, Factories, Clinics and Retail Outlets. Backed by a strong team of experienced Interior Designers who are skilled in computer-aided visualization software such as Autocad and 3D Max, client can better understand the thinking behind the proposal. 

Account servicing and Project management will be undertaken by our Sales and Project divisions for a professional experience from commencement to completion.

Our team understand the importance of branding strategies can provide for an organization, our design encompass the workspace functionality as well as the branding for our clients. 

Having thorough understanding, vast knowledge and experience in the market are marks of assurance that our work stands up to the highest standards with client satisfaction guaranteed. Be Impressed.

Determining the optimal layout for a space can be a daunting task. Our designers have extensive experience optimizing floor plans and blueprints to maximize productivity and branding. Let us help you get the most out of your space.

At Singapore Interior - We Build Better Offices

Pls visit our websites for more information:

Singapore Interior Pte Ltd Are HDB Registered Contractor

Listed below are several of our selected clientele (based on design and built by our company) for your reference:-

Singapore Interior's Portfolio

8-11 Clinic (Orchard) at Ngee Ann City
88 DB
A-Speed Infotech Pte Ltd at Zervex (Ubi)
AAC Technologies at Science Park
AB Sciex at Biopolis (Chromos) covering approx. 3000 sq.ft
Adcolony at Asia Square Tower 
Aegir Marine (S) Pte Ltd
Ahead Dynamics at Ubi Ave 3 (VERTEX) covering approx. 2000 sq.ft.
Air Products Singapore Industrial Gases Pte Ltd
All Property Solutions Singapore Pte Ltd
Allergan Singapore Pte Ltd
Alvimedica (at Gateway)
Apple Ideas Ark Chiropractic (at NUH)
Armor Asia Imaging Supplies Pte Ltd 
Asia Reinsurance Brokers Pte Ltd (at Clifford Centre), covering approx. 4,800 sq.ft.
Asian Carat Pte Ltd (at 160 Paya Lebar Road)
AST Business (at Paya Lebar Square)
Aurora Capital
Avani Resources (at GB Building, Cecil Street)
AW Transport Barry Callebaut (at Senoko)
BC Koh Consulting Engineers at Trivex, covering approx. 1700 sq.ft
Becker Asia Ben Line Agencies (at 200 Cantonment Road, Southpoint), covering approx. 7,000 sq.ft.
Bertschi Global (S) Pte Ltd
Bharti International Pte Ltd (at Samsung Hub, Church Street)
Bimla Enterprises (at Joo Chiat Complex)
Blackgold Resources Pte Ltd (at Loyang Offshore Supply Base, Loyang Crescent)
Brahm Centre (at Renci Hospital) 
Brahm Centre (at Simei)
Brahm Centre (at Pipit Road)
Buddhist Fellowship
Channel Management System at Ang Mo Kio (North Star) covering approx. 800 sq.ft.
Changi Travel Services Pte Ltd at Changi Airport T1.
Changi Travel Services Pte Ltd at Changi Airport T2.
Chen Young Oil Trading at International Plaza covering approx. 1500 sq.ft.
China Navigation Co. at Beach Road, The Concourse covering approx. 15,000 sq.ft
Chiropractic Clinic at Guthrie House covering approx. 750 sq.ft.
Chua Chuan Leong & Sons 
Cognitive Development Learning Centre (at Fusionopolis)
Corporate Business Network at International Building
Cost Optics Pte Ltd
Coventry Enterprise (Singapore) Pte Ltd, at 2 Venture Drive, Vision Exchange. 
Cozycot at Shaw Centre covering approx. 3600 sq.ft.
Dabo International (at Kallang Avenue), covering approx. 10,000 sq.ft.
Dead Sea Premier Singapore Pte Ltd, @ CTHub2
DEIF Singapore Pte Ltd (at The Splendour, Bukit Batok Crescent), covering approx. 6,500 sq.ft.
E1 Corporation at Suntec Tower Three, covering approx. 1,300 sq.ft
ECCO Singapore at Ang Mo Kio (Tech Point) covering approx. 3100 sq.ft.
Emphasis Media Pte Ltd & Publicitas Pte Ltd at Park Regis (Merchant Road), covering approx. 5,000 sq.ft
Excel Precast Pte Ltd (at Tampines)
Football Association Singapore
Fusion Trade (at JTC Summit)
Gibeon Enterprise Pte Ltd (at Woodlands 11), covering approx. 8,000 sq.ft.
Glanbia Nutritionals (at The Concourse)
GO Offshore (Asia) Pte Ltd (at 6 Shenton Way, DBS Tower 2)
Golden Energy And Resources Ltd at GSH Plaza, Cecil Street 
Guan Yiac Engineering (at Ubi Tech Park)
Gulf Petrochem (at Suntec Tower)
Hager Electro Systems Pte Ltd (about 4,500 sq.ft.)
Hai Sia Seafood Pte Ltd (at 35A Jurong Fishery Port Road)
Hellespont Singapore Pte Ltd at International Plaza covering approx. 2,000 sq.ft
Hertel Singapore Pte Ltd (for project at Jurong Island)
Hobas Singapore Pte Ltd
Janus Corporate Solutions (at Hong Leong Building, Shenton Way), covering approx. 3,000 sq.ft.
Infineum Singapore at Creative Resource Building covering approx. 7,000 sq.ft.
IPI Limited (at Proteos building - Biopolis Drive)
Iworkz Enterprise
IWOW Technology Pte Ltd (at Global Yellow Pages Building, Toa Payoh)
John Holland Pty Ltd
Kampung Senang Charity & Education Foundation (at 840 Tampines Street 82)
Kelvin Hughes (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Korean Embassy (47 Scotts Road, Goldbell Tower)
Lakshya Holding (Paya Lebar Square)
Legend Venture at Orchard Tower covering approx. 550 sq.ft.
LS Aesthetic Clinic Pte Ltd at Wisma Atria
Lifestyle Asia
Lufthansa German Airlines at Palais Renaissance
Mapfre RE (at Asia Square Tower 2)
Marche International
Marking Services Inc at Westech Building (Pandan Loop) covering approx. 3000 sq.ft.
MG Digital at Jalan Kilang Timor (Kewelram House) covering approx. 30,000 sq.ft
Ministry of Medicine (Clinic at JEM, Jurong) 
Ministry of Medicine (Clinic at Compass One, Sengkang)
Ministry of Medicine (Clinic at Waterway Point, Punggol)
Misumi South East Asia at North Bridge Road
NES Pte Ltd at Peninsula Plaza
NOS Shipmanagement (at 38 Alexandra Terrace)
NumberWorks' NWords Singapore
OCS Services Pte Ltd Pacific World Shipping at Market Street covering approx. 900 sq.ft.
Pactera Singapore Pte Ltd
Panasonic Singapore at Bedok South covering approx. 22,000 sq.ft.
Panasonic Trading (S) Pte Ltd at JTC Summit covering approx. 13,000 sq.ft
Park Systems Pte Ltd at The Alpha, Science Park 2
Phaidon International Singapore Pte Ltd (at Samsung Hub, 3 Church Street)
Pictureworks Pte Ltd
Pine Energy Pte Ltd at One Raffles Place
Public Free Clinic (at Bedok branch) 
Publicitas Publishing Pte Ltd
QuEST Global (at Suntec Tower 1), covering approx. 2,600 sq.ft.
Rafael Far East Pte Ltd
Risheek Global Pte Ltd (at International Plaza)
Sabic Innovative Plastics Singapore Pte Ltd at Benoi Road
Sabic SK Nexlene Company Pte Ltd at Millenia Tower
Satguru Travel
Seagull Maritime at Outram Road (Tan Boon Liat Building) covering approx. 3,000 sq.ft.
Seletar Country Club
Sense Infosys Pte Ltd
Side Effects Software (at Woodlands 11),
Siegwerk (Asia Pacific) Singapore (at Martin Road)
Siglap Clinic (at Telok Kurau)
Simplex Pte Ltd (at 33 Gul Drive), covering approx. 9,000 sq.ft.
Singapore Institute Of Manufacturing Technology (SIMTech) a research institute of the Agency for Science, 
Sonoco Asia Management Company LLC
Technology and Research (A*STAR)
Singapore Institute for Clinical Sciences
Singapore Valve & Fitting Pte Ltd at Mandai Estate
Sirus Training & Education Institute Pte Ltd at Middle Road, covering approx. 12,100 sq.ft
Southland Pte Ltd at PWC Building0 Spectrum Brands Singapore Pte Ltd
Starnet Marketing 
Sumitomo Electric Interconnect (S) Pte Ltd (at Creative Resource Building), covering approx. 6,000 sq.ft
Supermec (subsidiary of Rotary Engineering Ltd) at Tuas covering approx. 10,000 sq.ft.
Synpulse Singapore Pte Ltd (at AXA Tower)
The Resilenz Mind (a pyschiatric clinic at Novena Specialist Centre)
Times Publishing Ltd 
Total E-Biz at Luzerne Building, Bendemeer Road
Travel Cue Management at Tanjong Pagar Complex
Trifort Pte Ltd at Woodlands 11
Trung Nyuyen Singapore at Burlington Square
Turkish Airlines at Changi Airport
Tze San Trading at Cecil Street (GB Building)
UHY Lee Seng Chan & Co (at 300 Beach Road, The Concourse), covering approx. 5,000 sq.ft.
Unimare Shipping at Shenton Way (DBS Tower) covering approx. 700 sq.ft.
Vatada International (at Ocean Financial Centre), 2600 sq.ft.
VDL Enabling Technologies Group Singapore Pte Ltd (at Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim)
VWR Singapore at Gul Drive covering approx. 20,000 sq.ft.
W.Atelier Pte Ltd (at 50 Gul Avenue), covering approx. 13,000 sq.ft,
Weiki Gaming Technology (S) Pte Ltd at 3 Kallang Sector
West Pharmaceutical Services at Joo Koon Circle covering approx. 15,000 sq.ft.
West Pharmaceutical at JTC Summit
Woodlands Transport Service Pte Ltd (at 8 Gul Circle), covering approx. 20,000 sq.ft.
Xin Xiamen Network Technology Pte Ltd, at MBFC Tower 3
Yaskawa Electric (S) Pte Ltd
Yeahpoint at Irving Road
Yung Shin Pharmaceutical 

Our interior renovation projects range from small to large scale. Bringing Quality and Creative work to your work place.
Call us at tel: 6323 9213 to enquire about our products & services.

* Full turnkey office renovation service includes -
. Interior design & Space planning
. Prepare drawings for Building's base consultants vetting
. Cabling & testing work for LAN, Tel, Electrical power & lighting

. Structured cabling for Network and Voice
. Fire protection system including smoke / heat detectors, sprinkler, FM200
. Split unit aircon and chill water system and ductwork to tap onto building's AHU
. Carpentary work for Reception, Conference Room, Pantry
. Computer raised flooring
. Ceiling and Partition work
. Double glazed partition with STC rating
. Acoustic operable walls for meeting rooms
. Acoustic ceiling for better sound absorption
. Glass & wooden doors
. Fire rated wall system & Fire rated doors
. Plumbing and Sanitary for pantry / toilets

. Leakage Detector & Notification System for Plumbing System
. CCTV & Door Access Security systems
. P.A. System
. Floor and Wall finishes - carpet, vinyl, linoleum, wall paper, emulsion painting
. System Furniture
. Chairs
. Projectors & Screen
. Telephone PABX, keyphone and Video Conferencing equipments
. Server Racks & Patch panels
. Pneumatic & Vacuum pipework, Compressors for factories.
. Mezzanine Floor / platform
. Drawings & submission to relevant authorities: URA, BCA, FSSD, HDB
. Window blinds, Frosted film, Solar Film

Tel: 63239213

Singapore Interior Pte Ltd is BCA Registered Contractor

Singapore Interior Pte Ltd is BizSAFE and HDB registered contractor and specializes in office renovation. Directors, Project Managers and Construction Crew with more than 25 years of experience.


1) 室内装修设计效果图 新房设计装修公司施工服务

2) 全包室内装修公司设计 装潢施工预算报价
3) 实施电话系统按装,视频会议, 数据网布线, 门禁系统等
4) 职员办公桌椅组合办公家具简约现代员工办公桌

5)  工作室创意现代时尚办公室空间设计装修实景图效果图参考素材
6) 办公室内装修设计方案CAD平立面全套图纸效果图小工作室现代简约
7) 高隔断办公钢化玻璃隔断墙高隔间玻璃隔断墙办公室隔断墙
8)  创意办公室装修设计效果图前台背景墙会议室接待室实景参考素材
9) 创意标语青春励志工业风壁纸办公室餐厅装修公司文化背景水泥墙纸
10)  办公室设计公司展厅工装室内效果图写字楼会议室装修施工图制作
11) 店面装修设计办公室装修设计商铺店铺装修设计施工图设计
12) 设计装修电路施工图商场工厂弱电机房厨房家用电器电气配电系统图
13) 办公室拼接地毯商用写字楼满铺卧室客厅酒店夏季工程PVC方块地毯
14) 专业厂房装修 工厂办公室玻璃石膏板隔墙装潢装饰设计

详情请至电: 6323 9213